The Backlist: The Top Ten Posts on Blogging Theologically

Let’s take a look back in time and see the most-read posts from September. Go check them out:

  1. Everyday Theology: God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
  2. Everyday Theology: God helps those who help themselves
  3. Book Review: Innocent Blood by John Ensor
  4. John Piper on Mark Driscoll & John MacArthur
  5. His Name was Smeagol
  6. Book Review: Love Wins by Rob Bell
  7. The Essential Edwards Giveaway!
  8. Four Things I Learned While Writing a Book
  9. (Cheap) Christian E-Books for Your Kindle!
  10. Everyday Theology: Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words

And just for fun, here’s the next ten:

  1. The Gift of Dead Mentors
  2. Book Reviews
  3. Book Review: Radical Together by David Platt
  4. Book Review: Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson
  5. Who Writes This?
  6. Preaching and the Successful Local Church
  7. Twisted: Reviewing Andy Stanley’s Twisting the Truth
  8. Book Review: The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight
  9. Every Member a Minister?
  10. Join the Awaiting a Savior Blog Tour

There was a lot of good (in my opinion at least) content this month and it’s really nice to see that so much has been being read. This week’s review of Innocent Blood by John Ensor is seeing lots of traffic (you should really read that book, by the way); the four things I learned while writing Awaiting a Savior also seemed to resonate with a lot of people, something I’m grateful for. Also nice to see that some older material is continuing to pick up steam, like “Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words” (had a discussion about that the other day, interestingly enough…) and the Radical Together review.

Looking forward to seeing how October turns out. There’s a lot of great stuff coming down the pipe, including live blogging the Together for Adoption conference in three weeks and sharing the reviews of Awaiting a Savior!

That’s enough from me—now it’s your turn: If you have a blog, what were a couple of the highlights for you in the past month?

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