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How to Prepare for Hell – A “Just in Case” Letter to My Unbelieving Friends

Michael Patton offers a very thought-provoking and challenging letter to his unbelieving friends:

Now, I know what you are thinking. Don’t quit reading though. Hear me out. I am notnecessarily trying to evangelize you or make you love Jesus. I am trying to tell you how to prepare for hell. Just give me some slack here. Though what I am offering to you is still as far from heaven as the east is from the west, it may do some good. Though you do not believe in heaven or hell, you have to admit: you could be wrong. Yes, I admit, I could be wrong too. But if I am wrong, what awaits me? Eternal darkness? Nothingness? Fine and good. However, if you are wrong, something terrible is coming. I can’t prepare for nothingness. You can prepare for Hell. This is a “just in case you are wrong” letter.

You would do well to read it in its entirety; it’s excellent stuff.

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  • Dean Roberts

    Interesting post. I’ve been asking questions about hell on my blog… well, some readers have. And I gave an answer to it here:

    What do you think?

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