A Sign That Some Purging is in Order

The other day, a friend from my Friday morning men’s group gave us two bookshelves. This was a wonderful gift to us as we’ve been wanting to get some new shelves that are a bit sturdier than the ones we’ve had since our college days. Well, Thursday night after we secured them to the wall (Hannah would no doubt wind up pulling the things down on top of herself if we didn’t), I took the three boxes of books that had been sitting in the living room since we moved and put them on. Here’s the result:

Nine shelves out of 14—Full. And a solid half dozen boxes that are still waiting to be delivered to our house. Oh my…

(Good thing we didn’t get rid of the old shelves.)

Could it be that a purging is in order? Stay tuned…

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  • Mike Weaks

    Post a list and offer them at a discount. I’m sure you have enough readers to do a good purge. Whadyasay?

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      That’s probably not a bad idea—about a year back I did that and it was helpful (although the postage cost killed me; I might have to put in the “pay your postage” caveat :))

  • FoxRunImages

    Set up an Amazon seller account. I’ve gotten rid of some old books and music CDs that way. You can offer them a little less than the current lowest used price on Amazon to get the sale, and Amazon has some standard shipping rates for ground, 2-day, overnight, etc. that they will tack on. They take a percentage out of your sale price for handling the transaction, but you get the whole shipping amount. And then they deposit all net sales into your bank account every 15 days.

  • Jennifer Ekstrand

    It is hard to purge books. We’re going to have to move out of student housing when my husband finishes his PhD (hopefully within two years), and I’m hoping to trim our collection of books a bit by that time. I’m hoping that the majority of books we move are books that we’ve read (if we haven’t taken the time to read them, will we ever?), that we love, and that we plan to reread or reference often. Beyond that, my Nook has been helpful in getting rid of paperback copies of public domain works.

  • http://www.aaronsellars.com Aaron Sellars

    Amazon seller account.  I got rid of about 25% of my books this past year and actually made some good money.  Took the money and went to Logos and actually increased my library size by volume of books by at least 4 times.

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