The Backlist: The Top Ten Posts on Blogging Theologically

Let’s take a look back in time and see the most-read posts from October. Go check them out:

  1. Everyday Theology: God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle
  2. Everyday Theology: God helps those who help themselves
  3. John Piper on Mark Driscoll & John MacArthur
  4. His Name was Smeagol
  5. Book Review: Love Wins by Rob Bell
  6. Book Review: Innocent Blood by John Ensor
  7. Union with Christ and the Provision of the Spirit
  8. Everyday Theology: Preach the Gospel always, if necessary use words
  9. (Cheap) Christian E-Books for Your Kindle!
  10. Do Not Expect Peace Before The Prince of Peace Returns

And just for fun, here’s the next ten:

  1. Who Writes This?
  2. The Terrible Danger of Trusting Your Faith, but Not Jesus
  3. Bringing Back a Sense of Balance
  4. Book Review: Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle
  5. Love is the Grand Secret of True Obedience
  6. Book Reviews
  7. Book Review: Uneclipsing the Son by Rick Holland
  8. Book Review: The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips
  9. Everyday Theology
  10. Faith and Grace: Tullian Tchividjian #T4ACon

Continuing to see the usual mix of most-read posts in the top five; glad to see new material filling out most of the bottom five (and next ten). Blogging at Together for Adoption was a great time a couple weeks back and gave me a whole whack of new books to read from Tim Chester (there are four on my pile right now). I’m extremely thankful for fellow Cruciform author Nate Palmer lend a hand this month and write about the importance of Christ’s Ascension (something that we have a great tendency to overlook). I also love how you all seem to share my love for the saints of old; the strength of their work is a true testimony to the timelessness of glorious gospel truth. I hope you’ll take some time to dig around these posts and that you’ll find the content helpful!

That’s enough from me—now it’s your turn: If you have a blog, what were a couple of the highlights for you in the past month?

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