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The “Juice” Of Christianity

Mark Altrogge interacts with a quote from Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs:

The “juice” of Christianity is not living like Jesus or seeing the world as Jesus saw it.  This is a works mentality. This is what “I” have to do to get to heaven.  I have to live a good life.  I have to see what is right and good and important and do it.  Then I get to go to heaven.  If this is the case, then Jobs is right – all the “different religions are different doors to the same house” because every other religion in the world teaches that we get into God’s house by living good lives.

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The End of Poverty and the Hope of Glory

My latest article, an overview of Awaiting a Savior, is up at the Gospel Coalition blog:

If you shouldn’t discuss politics and religion in polite company, no wonder it’s often hard to talk about poverty and social justice, even with other believers. But this isn’t a subject Christians can avoid. The Bible is explicit about our responsibilities to care for those in need. So what do those commands mean in practice, and how do we obey them to the glory of God?

I believe there are things we can do to serve the poor, that God will give us grace to do them, and that he will take pleasure in our efforts—where we succeed and where we fail. It begins with understanding the true nature of poverty.

Read the whole thing. (If you haven’t had a chance to order a copy, you can get one here.)

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