3 Reasons to Get Lovers on the Edges of the Twilight by Michael Krahn

Recently, my good friend Michael Krahn released a new 5-song EP, Lovers on the Edges of the Twilight. I’ve been listening to it pretty steadily for the last little while and it’s great stuff. My first thought: “This is very Blue Rodeo.” (Canadians know that this is a very good thing, depending on your taste.) Here are a few reasons why I hope you’ll buy this record:

1. It has nothing to do with Twilight. Tim Challies may have beat me to that smart-alecky comment, but it’s still true. It also has no connection to mid-90s Canadian rock band The Tea Party (their second album was called The Edges of Twilight)… aside from both being from Canada.

2. It’s heartfelt. You know how you can listen to a song and you really get a sense that the artist was processing some pretty heavy stuff while writing and performing? That’s what you’ll find on this album, and it works really, really well.

3. The title track is exceptional. Seriously, take the next four minutes and listen:

The record’s available now on iTunes and MichaelKrahn.com—I hope you’ll get a copy today.

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