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“Christopher Hitchens Might Be in Heaven”

Bestselling author and vocal atheist Christopher Hitchens died on Thursday, December 15. Many (many) have written brief statements on his death, but most thought-provoking has been that of Russell Moore:

Hitchens expected this moment, of course, but he anticipated, wrongly, a blackness, a going out of consciousness forever. Many Christians today are sadly remarking on what it is like for Christopher Hitchens to be now opening his eyes in hell.

We might be wrong.

The Christian impulse here is exactly right. After all, Jesus and his apostles assured us that there is no salvation apart from union with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection, a union entered into by faith. And Hitchens not only rejected that gospel, he ridiculed it, along with the very notion of anything beyond the natural order. The Christian Scriptures are clear: there is a narrow window in which we must be saved, the time of this present life, and after this there is only judgment (2 Cor. 6:1-2; Heb. 9:27).

But I’m not sure Christopher Hitchens is in hell right now. It’s not because I believe there’s a “second chance” after death for salvation (I don’t). It’s not because I don’t believe in hell or in God’s judgment (I do). It’s because of a sermon I heard years ago that haunts me to this day, reminding me of the sometimes surprising persistence of the gospel…

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“I think a fundamentalist simply means someone who takes the Bible seriously”—Christopher Hitchens

Whatever your opinion of the late Mr. Hitchens, one thing is certain—he knew what he was denying. I found this interview with self-professed liberal Christian Marilyn Sewell fascinating:

[tentblogger-youtube A7lPoGO7y8k]

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