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A Short, Free eBook on Abortion by John Piper

Desiring God is giving away a free eBook based on three sermons he’s preached on abortion. Here’s a sample from the book:

God is calling passive, inactive Christians today to engage our minds and hearts and hands in exposing the barren works of darkness. To be the conscience of our culture. To be the light of the world. To live in the great reality of being loved by God and adopted by God and forgiven by Christ (yes—for all the abortions that dozens of you have had), and be made children of the light. I call you to walk as children of light.

Is There Enough Teaching in the Church?

Good question from Kevin DeYoung:

I know this sounds like a crazy notion. I’m not 100% convinced myself. But I’ve begun to wonder if there might not be enough public teaching in today’s church.

That probably sounds nuts to many churchgoers, not to mention most pastors. Plenty of ministers already feel swamped with some combination of morning service, evening service, Sunday school, catechism, and midweek teaching, not to mention extra preps for weddings, funerals, and special events. I also realize I’m swimming up stream against the current of contemporary church thought which says the one thing we certainly have enough of is teaching. We are already stuffed full with Bible studies, services, small groups, conferences, and classes. The last thing we need is another opportunity to get our brains crammed with more information.

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Interviews: Recently I was interviewed about getting published on the How to Be Awesome podcast and sat down to talk about Awaiting a Savior with Cory McKenna on The Cross Current radio show. Check them out.

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