The Dangerous Side of Being an Encourager

People like Barnabas are always needed in the church. They are peacemakers, the go-betweens who seek no glory for themselves but only seek to bring out the best in others. But “would-be” Barnabases of today need to hear a further lesson from this outstanding biblical figure. Barnabases want everyone to be happy, but sometimes it simply is not possible to please everyone without serious compromise of one’s basic convictions. Barnabas found that out later at Antioch when, in order to placate the conservative Jewish Christians “from James” (Jerusalem), he withdrew from table fellowship with those very Gentile-Christian converts we see him witnessing to so enthusiastically (Gal 2:11-13).

John Polhill, Acts (The New American Commentary Vol. 26), p 272

HT: A.W. Hall

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  • Dplaird

    I like this! Every gift needs discernment to use it well. 

  • J.K.

    Oh my goodness Aaron, this spoke volumes to me.  Thank you sir.