Baby Dramarama

Have you ever noticed how it’s tempting to question God about what He’s doing? I think I’d be lying if I said I never did this, but it’s usually about something ridiculous or “small”—but when it comes to big issues, we tend to not freak out. I can’t recall having a “why, God, why” kind of moment when something big’s gone down. During Emily’s miscarriage and the aftermath three years ago, neither of us spent much time questioning God’s purposes, only asking Him to help us glorify Him. We didn’t as far as I can recall when we sold our home, despite seeing two strong offers fall apart literally at the last moment. And thankfully we didn’t when we found ourselves at the hospital once again last Thursday morning after Emily woke up having contractions.

We rushed our Abigail & Hannah to our friends’ Joe & Emily’s house for an impromptu playdate and zipped back over to the hospital to get Emily admitted. After about four-ish hours of monitoring in the birthing center’s triage section, they moved Emily into a delivery room (just in case) where she’d receive dedicated care. And she received wonderful care all around. The nurses and doctors were very helpful in explaining what they were doing and why, the potential complications of a premature birth (relatively minor at this stage in comparison to those of baby born at 27 weeks or less), and plans for long-term care if necessary. Part of this meant that Emily was permitted to come home on Friday afternoon and given orders to do pretty much nothing… which is quite possibly the worst thing you can do for someone who is very active and relaxes by doing things (crafting, sewing and, strangely, cleaning). Monday (today) we have a follow-up appointment at the hospital that includes an ultrasound to see how things look; if the doctor is not happy with what she sees, it could result in Emily being checked into the hospital for an undetermined period of time.

Through it all, we have and are praying—and asked friends, family and the larger body of Christ to join us in doing so—that the baby would be healthy and be “ready” for his debut, which is something we’ve been praying for all along. (Emily’s quipped that apparently God answered that prayer with a trip to the hospital and two steroid injections.) Today I wanted to thank you if you’d found out about this situation on Facebook or Twitter and joined us in prayer and ask you to please continue to do so. We’re not sure what the results of our follow-up visit with the doctor is going to be (it’s Sunday night as I write this), so by the time Monday afternoon comes around, Emily could be hanging out doing her normal routine at home or be enjoying the finest amenities offered in the Ontario healthcare system.

But there’s something else you can pray for as well. We want the baby to be healthy, yes. We want Emily to be healthy, yes. We’d prefer that Emily be able to stay home and go back to her normal routine, absolutely. But whatever decision is made, we want God to be glorified in our response. If there’s one thing that you could pray for above and beyond the immediate health needs of Emily and our soon to be born baby boy, it would be that.

Thanks any prayers you’ve given on our behalf thus far. I’m eagerly awaiting an opportunity to share more news soon!

And now for the update: Emily gets to stay home! She needs to take it easy, but the doctor was just fine with letting her come home and resume some of her normal routine. We’re currently looking into options to assist with the burden of the housework (some of which I’m doing, but there’s a lot I can’t do simply because I have a job), as well as doing some heavy-duty meal planning and advanced preparation for the coming week(s). The doctor is hoping that aside from regular appointments, we won’t have any visits to the hospital for the next month, at which point they’ll be just fine with seeing our baby boy delivered. So this is very good news and we are praising God for this!

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  • Kim Shay

    I was thinking about you guys as I went to bed last night, wondering how she was.  One of our friends just became grandparents again, and as she shared those details with me, your wife came to mind.  I’ll be praying.

  • Ben Thorp

    Will definitely be thinking about you guys. 

  • Louis Tullo

    Praying for you! Trusting that God has you, your wife and your unborn child in His hands. May His peace guard your heart.

  • Dave Jenkins

    Continuing to lift you, Emily and your family up in prayer brother. May the Lord continue to be glorified in and through your life brother. 

  • Chris

    Well written.  Wonderful requests.  God is already being glorified because of your heart and witness for Him.

  • Dplaird

    So glad to be witness to the work of God in you guys. We love you all and are praying for you. Some of your best writing. :)

  • Chris Poblete

    Praying bro!

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