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O God, deliver us from this coldness!

Ray Ortlund:

The problem is not reformed theology per se.  Inherent within that theology is a humbling and melting and softening and beautifying tendency.  The problem is when that theology is not allowed to exert its natural authority.  Instead, in the name of reformed theology, our own native religiosity creates a culture at odds with that theology.  And our religious culture, whatever it is, reveals what we really believe as opposed to what we think we believe.  If we are cold, hard, harsh and ruthless — and can we say this does not occur among those who wave the reformed banner? — if we are ungracious in our relationships and ethos and demeanor and vibe and culture, then we are betraying the doctrines of grace and only using them for covert purposes of self-exaltation.

The Gospel Project for Kids

Looking forward to learning more about the Gospel Project (both for kids and adults) in about a month. Here’s Lifeway’s description:

The Gospel Project for Kids follows a chronological timeline of Bible events. Each week, these stories come to life through video, music, activities, and more as children connect biblical events to God’s ultimate plan of redemption through Christ.

[tentblogger-youtube n8GuafPsKNU]

The Gospel Project for Kids features:

  • Three versions: Preschool, Younger Kids, and Older Kids
  • Videos that bring Bible stories to life
  • Music for all ages
  • Coloring pages for Preschool and Younger Kids
  • Fun-filled activity sheets
  • Low-prep lesson plans
  • Digital or print resources
  • Customizable parent resources

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