Help Me Choose My New Facebook Cover

You may have heard that Facebook is introducing the Timeline format to Pages. Aside from some snazzy new features (the admin panel is terrific), this redesign allows for “cover” photos—a big banner image at the top, rather than just an itty-bitty profile picture. So, in preparation for making the change to the Facebook page, I’d like you to help me choose what to cover image to use:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Tell me your favorite in the comments—the winner will be used when I make the switch later today!

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  • Ben Thorp

    I lean towards 2. I prefer the textured background in particular, although the blue is nice and soothing 😉

  • Mark McIntyre

    #2 for me also. I think the blue is more inviting.

  • Josh

    I definitely prefer #1. The sharp contrast between the white background and the shade of orange really strikes the eye and makes the “Blogging Theologically” text stand out.

  • Fokke

    Option 1: brown and brown (of the books) is more appropriate as blue and brown….

  • PapaB

    Option 2

  • AWHall

    Option 1 – the colors match the books.

  • Jonathan Howe

    2 all the way. Blends better with the default colors on FB

  • Alex S. Leung

    Option 2!!

  • Louis Tullo

    I like the banner with the blue bar and textured background best. :)

  • Louis Tullo

    I like the banner with the blue bar and textured background best. :)

  • Corey

    #2 Much more depth and contrast than the first. 

  • Mitch

    I like Option 1 the red one. They would both look good though.

  • Gudrun Mattson

    I choose option one.The brown not only compliments the color of the Book, but it is also a warm earthen  Color, Jesus is the salt of the Earth, and thinking of the Titel: “Awaiting the Savior” truly warm my heart.

  • Baptist1861

    Option 2

  • Ryan Geer

    The first one looks better since the color bar complements the book images. 

  • Vondell R. Scott Sr.

    option 2

  • George Bailey

    I like #1. 

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Man, this is a close race—8 for the blue, 7 for the brown/orange. 

    • Darryl

      Go for option 2!!!

  • Aaron Armstrong

    And the “blues” have it—