A Baby Dramarama Update

As many readers are aware, we’re currently expecting our third child. A few weeks ago, Emily went into the hospital due to the threat of pre-term labor (I shared about this here). Well, now we’re officially passed the major milestones and into week 38 of the pregnancy and excited about the possibility of meeting this wee child. And Sunday (yesterday) seemed like it could be the day! While I was preaching at Community Bible Church, Emily started having contractions. Regularly. This, we thought, was surely good news, although, being cautious, we waited until after all our responsibilities were completed before making any decisions on how to proceed. In the end, we cancelled our lunch plans and managed to get to the hospital with surprising efficiency (a 37 minute drive took 19). I brought a nurse to help Emily upstairs, took the kids home (leaving them in the care of our friend Adam) and zipped back to the hospital.

And then we waited.

Two and a half hours later, there’d been some progress, but they weren’t sure that it was enough to say “Yep, this kid’s coming today.” So they sent us home so Emily could rest and hopefully see more progress at home. Several hours later, there was nothing. No more contractions. Only a frustrated wife who wants this baby to come out already (which I can completely understand—the last couple weeks in particular have been quite uncomfortable). But such is life, I suppose. While we don’t know what Monday will bring, as of the time I’m writing this, still no baby. So if you’re so inclined, would you please pray for our family for the following:

1. Patience for Emily and I as we wait for the real labor to begin.

2. Flexibility and understanding for our older children (there’s a lot of unpredictability right now, which is not fun for kids who thrive on routine).

3. That we would continue to glorify God and give thanks as best as we are able, even in the midst of frustration.

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  • http://twitter.com/darrylsmith444 Darryl Smith

    Will do Aaron – I don’t always read your posts (tsk tsk! ) so I didn’t know about the threat of pre-term labor. These can be very frustrating and anxious times as you well know! It will make the arrival of your new little person that much sweeter :-) 

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks Darryl; we’re definitely looking forward to it meeting this little guy. 

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