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How Old Is “The Elder” To Be?

N.D. Muscutt:

In truth, it is impossible for us to know for certain how much anxiety Timothy felt in taking on leadership roles in the church and community, but I personally do not think that Timothy was a timid or fearful guy. It is clear that Timothy was a young man who, though perhaps reluctant to assert his authority, was not fearful when convinced that God had a job for him to do. Paul never doubts the abilities of Timothy when he sends this young soldier into hostile territory.

5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Write

Dan Darling:

I find that writing helps me clarify my thoughts. In this way writing helps my preaching and preaching helps my writing. I happen to preach from a full manuscript (though I adlib and self-edit as I deliver). Completing a full manuscript takes extra time and much work every week, but it is rewarding because I feel that my thoughts are well organized before I get into the pulpit. Now that may not work for you, especially if you (unlike me) are good on your feet. However, you may consider doing what guys like Ray Pritchard have done and writing out your full sermon the week after you deliver it.

Getting words on paper really helps clarify your message and your thoughts.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

This week’s $5 Friday offerings include The Mighty Weakness of John Knox (ebook), The Hard Sayings of Jesus (audio download) and Choosing My Religion (audio & video download) teaching series by R.C. Sproul,  among other terrific resources. Check them out!

10 Principles to Leading Young Pastors

Ben Reed:

Quit expecting less-than-exceptional work.

We’re capable of more than you expect. Throw projects, concepts, and ideas our way, and give us the freedom to accomplish those in a way different than you may have initially drawn up in your mind. Raise the bar. We’ll rise to it. Instead of expecting decent work, expect us to blow you away.

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