Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

Rest in Print, Britannica: Elegy for an Encyclopedia

Al Mohler:

The print edition of Britannica is now like a Mastodon trapped in the library—about to become extinct. We will be poorer for its absence.

Wikipedia is just a few clicks away, offering thousands of articles that Britannica would never touch. But Britannica was not meant to be a collaborative effort, with readers offering their own insights. Britannica spoke with an authoritative voice, its articles checked and rechecked. The digital edition of Britannica, we are told, will now be updated every 20 minutes. Am I supposed to be reassured?

But God… 99¢ for the Kindle

But God… by Casey Lute from Cruciform Press is on sale for 99¢ for a limited time only. This book was so helpful that I endnoted it in my book, so be sure to get a copy for you and pretty much anyone you know who owns a Kindle.

The Gospel Project Video Now Online

The Gospel Project webcast from Wednesday is now available for everyone who missed it—it runs about an hour and a half and is worth every minute. (HT: Trevin)

And if you’re looking for something some additional content that’s challenging and edifying, listen to the audio of Matt Chandler’s message at Lifeway’s staff chapel. I was incredibly grateful to be in the room when this was preached and I’m still chewing on it three days later.


Churches Are Going To Be Messy Places

Stephen Altrogge:

Ahhh, the early church.

It was so much better than the church today. It was like a 24/7 Holy Ghost party (see Kirk Franklin), where everyone was sharing their property, lovin’ on each other, hanging out with the Apostles, and eating pot-providence meals together. The word of God was explosively increasing, and more converts were streaming into the church every day. It was like one, big, happy family (sort of like the Olive Garden, right?).

Or was it?

Justin Taylor and Jonathan Dodson talk Gospel-Centered Discipleship

[tentblogger-vimeo 36791669]

(HT: Crossway)

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  • Casey Lute

    Aaron, thanks for the link. As exciting as it was to be published as a first-time author, as a long-time nerd it was perhaps equally exciting to see my name in someone else’s citations. I remember reading the endnotes in your book and thinking, “This seems a little too familiar,” and then seeing my name (and then bragging to my amused wife). Thanks again!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      You’re welcome, Casey—I’m glad that that I was able to include it in the notes. I hope the Kindle special drives sales through the roof for you!