In Case You Missed It (March 12-18)

This week, I started running a series of daily posts called “Links I Like.” How do you all like those? Are they helpful? Not so much? Give me your thoughts in the comments of this post.  And while you’re here, here are a few of this week’s notable posts:

Notes from The Gospel Project Webcast

Book Review: From the Resurrection to His Return by D.A. Carson

The Temporariness of Modern Books

3 Things I’m Looking Forward to about The Gospel Project Webcast

Sam Storms: A Strange and Unacceptable Paradox

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Primacy of Preaching

J.C. Ryle: Is the Bible the Word of God?

R.C. Sproul: Don’t Leave Your Mind in the Parking Lot

Walter Marshall: Our Great Duty

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  • Cbundy

    Aaron, I appreciate the “Links I Like” posts very much. You’ve helped turn me on to some great blogs “out there” and some good deals as well. Thanks!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Cool, thanks for this feedback!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Cool, thanks for this feedback!