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My Response to Kony

Matt Papa:

[tentblogger-youtube VlkUL73ocDQ]

Orthodoxy of Community

Gospel community is powerful, beautiful, authoritative.  Schaeffer used the phrase “orthodoxy of community” to say that.  Beautiful community is not an optional add-on for an otherwise complete, biblical church.  It is as essential as its orthodoxy of doctrine.

Spiritual Depression Study Guide

Granted Ministries has produced a free study guide to accompany Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure.

Having Natural Community without Losing the Bible

Brad House:

The natural rhythms included fellowship, the study of Scripture, meals, worship, prayer, and mission. When we are a community that is smitten with the love of Jesus, these become second nature in our life together. As leaders, we want to cultivate the love of Scripture in our community in ways that draw out our dependence on the Bible and prayer. The key to such cultivation is to nurture that dependence in your own heart.

Cheap eBooks

A few finds I’ve shared on Twitter:

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