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Homosexuality and Christian Bigotry

Jason Helopoulos:

As Christians we must understand the secularist mindset and its desire to place religion, morality, and values in a distant upper chamber separated from facts and truth. And armed with such understanding and knowledge, we must stand against this agenda. One must understand that the debate about homosexuality is not tangential. It is not a “mere” moral issue as if it did not bear upon truth. If we give in to the argument that homosexuality is private, personal, and not the business of the church, we have given in to this two-story view where religion, values, and morality are separated from truth. When we lose this argument in the church, we eventually lose the Church.

Easter Sunday Is A Lie

Chris Vacher:

Easter Sunday is a lie. Yep, I said it. Easter Sunday is a lie. The crucifixion? True. The stone rolled away? True. The resurrection? True. Jesus is alive? True. Easter Sunday? False.

Old Princeton for New Calvinists: 9 Lessons from the Life of Charles Hodge

Andy Jones:

Though Hodge is known by most for this three-volume systematic theology, his first love was biblical studies. He was trained in Hebrew by a rabbi and traveled to study under the leading experts in the Greek language. His career at Princeton started with teaching biblical languages to new seminary students. As B. B. Warfield recalled of his beloved professor, Hodge could easily translate the Greek New Testament without assistance in class while being brought to tears when describing the love of God. Hodge’s theology was born from deep and detailed interaction with the Scriptures. Theological precision results from being continually sharpened by the Bible.

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