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Beware the Single Story

Amber Van Schooneveld:

There are many reasons we tell and retell single stories. Black and white is simply easier to write than grey – and it’s snappier too. Complexities muddle writing, whereas simplicity is vivid. The single story is dramatic, it is emotional, and it gets us hopping. It motivates us to just do something! The single story sells.

But the single story is also misleading. It is over-simplified. And ultimately it is an insult and a disrespect to those you’re trying to help.

Mad Men Returns

Mike Cosper:

Mad Men sometimes feels like the book of Ecclesiastes. It appears that these people have everything they could ever want, but social status, power, wealth, and glamorous sex lives don’t make any of them happy. Instead, their worlds unravel before our eyes. Each of Don’s conquests with work or women leave him more restless and lonesome. Peggy’s great sin in season one hangs over all of her achievements like a storm cloud. Pete Campbell’s insecurity drives him to attempt to live like Don or Roger Sterling, and each time he lives out those impulses, they break him. Men nearly worship Joan Harris, the redheaded bombshell, but she lives a miserable and isolated life.

Temptation Is Not Sin

Bill Mounce:

“Temptation” is being enticed to sin. You are walking along the path and someone bumps into you, they hurt you; and the thought flits through your head to respond in anger. That’s temptation. A person of the opposite gender walks by, and something inside you tells you to look him up and down; that’s temptation. Someone walking with you says something that hurts, and that same voice whispers that you should slander her reputation. That’s temptation. Let me cover three things about temptation.

A Hope That’s Greater Than ‘Getting Kony’

New Hope Uganda:

This video cost $0 to make. There is no kit for sale. No bracelet to wear. No poster to put up. There is no one to make famous. Charles is a former abducted child soldier who through the grace of God has chosen to forgive his captors rather than seek revenge. We believe that the weapon that will change the issue of Kony and the many children affected by his atrocities is the releasing power of forgiveness.

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