A Personal/Professional Update and a Prayer Request

The last little while has been a bit of a whirlwind around the Armstrong house. We’re beginning to settle into life with a new baby (Hudson’s already outgrown newborn size clothes and diapers—awesome!). I’m starting to work out plans for getting the word out about my next book, Contend (the release date has been pushed back to August 1, incidentally). We’re going through some interesting changes in my day job… and there have been a couple of other changes that have happened along the way.

The first is one that I kind of subtly inserted into my review of Who Am I? last week—recently I took on an extremely part-time role with Cruciform Press, helping out primarily in social media and marketing. I’m very excited and grateful to be trying out this new opportunity and am praying that the work I do will be helpful and fruitful.

The other thing that’s changed is something to do with conference season. The last few weeks have seen a number of folks asking, “Who is going to T4G”? Well, up until about three weeks ago, I’d have said, “Not me.” Things have changed a bit, however, and I’m happy to say that I will also be there in a couple of weeks. I’m extremely excited about this for a number of reasons:

  1. I get to catch up with some friends while I’m in the area (some of whom don’t live that far away from me)
  2. Spending time with the Cruciform team
  3. The conference material is undoubtedly going to be terrific
  4. It’s another place I’ve never been (although I love being home, it’s a lot of fun to experience new places)
  5. Band of Bloggers! Yes, I will indeed be there and am looking forward to meeting some of you who might be as well

As you can imagine, with all this going on, there are a lot of balls up in the air. So, if you’re so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate your prayers in managing my time well so that I’m not squandering it needlessly and compromising my ability to do all that I’ve been charged to do well and to God’s glory.

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  • http://twitter.com/tadthompson Tad Thompson

    Aaron…I look forward to connecting at t4g!  We can connect on FB or twitter (@tadthompson).  I am also interested on hearing your role with CP.  I know I am not marketing Intentional Parenting as effectively as I could be.  Hope to see you in Louisville.

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks Tad. I’m definitely looking forward to doing all I can to help get the word out about all the books. (I’ve not even had as much time as I’d like to effectively market my own, so I totally get the frustration about not being able to market yours as effectively as you could). Looking forward to connecting in Louisville!

  • http://philippians314.squarespace.com/ Kim Shay

    Absolutely will be praying for you, and for your wife.  I know how hard it can be with a new baby and having hubby away from home. My hubby and I will be at T4G and Band of Bloggers.  

  • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

    Thanks Kim—looking forward to meeting you both there :)

  • http://www.chrispoblete.net Chris Poblete

    Praying for you brother. And can’t wait for the fellowship! It’s always good.

    • http://www.bloggingtheologically.com Aaron Armstrong

      Thanks brother—really looking forward to it as well!