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Christianity in Crisis? A Response to Andrew Sullivan

Trevin Wax:

Sullivan wants to take Christ’s teaching without Christ Himself. His vision tries to deliver Christ’s message of love without the atoning cross that gives love its meaning. It wants Christ’s justice without the victorious resurrection that launches the new world God has promised , the new world that totally changes the landscape for how we view everything: ethics, morals, politics, art, law.

An Opportunity For God To Triumph

Mark Altrogge:

God doesn’t afflict us just so he can get glory from it – he’s not sadistic and never does anything evil.  He’s in control of all things – he could prevent us from suffering if he wanted to.  But sometimes his plan includes that we suffer so he can triumph over it for his glory.

Sometimes God displays his glory by ending our trials; sometimes he triumphs in the midst of them.

Christian Bookshop Ossett

If you’re in the UK and looking for a place to get solid Christian books (including Cruciform Press titles), be sure to check out this shop in Ossett.

Secularism with the Gloves Off: Vanderbilt University’s Assault on Religious Organizations

Al Mohler:

In more recent months, Vanderbilt’s administration decided to push secularism to the extreme — launching a virtual vendetta against religious organizations on campus. Officials of the university informed religious groups that had been recognized student organizations that they would have to comply with an absolute non-discrimination policy. This means that religious organizations (primarily Christian) must now allow any Vanderbilt student to be a candidate for a leadership office, regardless of religious beliefs or sexual orientation. In other words, a Christian student group would be forced to allow the candidacy of an atheist. A group of Christians who believe in the Bible’s standard of sexual morality would be required to allow the candidacy of a homosexual member. There can be absolutely no discrimination, the university insists, even if that means that Christian organizations are no longer actually Christian.

Free eBook:

Crossway’s offer on this book ends today, so make sure you get it while you can (if you’re not sure, read my review here).


This new documentary from the makers of Expelled could be a very interesting examination of the debate over the doctrine of eternal judgment. Here’s the trailer:

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