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I Met a “Celebrity” Pastor Yesterday

David Murray:

I met a “celebrity” pastor at T4G yesterday.

I can confidently report that he was normal.

In fact, he was more normal than many “normal” pastors I’ve met. He was warm, friendly, engaged in our conversation, didn’t try to get away after the initial pleasantries, and wasn’t continually looking over my shoulder for someone more interesting or important to talk to. And I have to say that most of the well-known pastors and preachers I’ve met have been similar.

T4G 2012 Resources

The audio and video of all the plenary sessions for this year’s Together for the Gospel conference are now online—I’d highly encouraging listening to all the messages, especially Ligon Duncan’s.

1,600 Martyn Lloyd-Jones Sermons—Free

MLJ Trust has made the audio of all 1,600 sermons by Dr. Lloyd-Jones available as free downloads. Please visit, listen and give to help this wonderful ministry as the Lord allows.

Our Modern Idol: The Early Church


When we as Christians think about our modern-day idols, the things that trip up our feet and slow us down, we often list things like money, relationships, or careers. But I think we, as a whole, have a much holier-sounding idol: The Early Church.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

This week’s offerings include audio and video downloads of the T4G 06 and 08 conferences, the Animatic DVD of Dr. Sproul’s excellent children’s book The Prince’s Poison Cup, and more.

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