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The Feminine Curse

Really thoughtful post by my friend Amber Van Schooneveld on the difficulty of properly interpreting Genesis 3:16:

I’ve been thinking about differing interpretations of the curse in Genesis 3:16. When I told my husband this he said, “Do people think about that kind of thing?” Read: “Who cares?” Isn’t this the kind of theological hair-splitting that divides people and leads nowhere? My answer is no. I think our interpretation of this particular verse has serious ramifications, and so I am jumping in.

T4G made me look like a girlyman

Carl Trueman:

When invited to do a breakout at T4G, I had initially said no, not being a big conference person. I was ultimately persuaded by the fact that the preponderance of attendees are officebearers in the church; and by the fact they put the guy who cries on my case (yes, that bit is truly pathetic, I know). Last Sunday, as I packed my bag to leave, my wife asked me if I was looking forward to going. No, I replied, but it will give me something to write about.

Indeed it did. And not quite as I expected. I went a sceptic; I returned encouraged.

Some people are going to get hurt

Short, powerful video for the Doubting Dawkins campaign:

[tentblogger-vimeo 39992349]

Blue Like Jazz

CT’s review of the new movie based on Don Miller’s book:

While the movie raises valuable questions about Christianity, offering good answers is another matter entirely, and perhaps outside of what a movie like this should do. As Don undergoes a complete unraveling of his spiritual identity, we realize he’s really never been given a good picture of what true Christian faith looks like. That the church is full of hypocrites, like his mom and the youth pastor, is no great revelation; that Don was weaned on a version of the gospel that seemingly has more to do with therapy than with Truth is horrifying.

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