Book Review: Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis

Moms and dads of small people know that there’s a lot of basic grunt work involved in childcare. On my less positive days I have complained to Aaron that my whole day was a grand exercise in wiping—wiping faces, noses, bums… Some days it can be hard to remember that there is a larger purpose for what I’m doing here and Erin Davis’ new book, Beyond Bath Time, was a helpful reminder of that. Check out my review below:


Title: Beyond Bath Time: Embracing Motherhood as a Sacred Role
Author: Erin Davis
Publisher: Moody Publishers (2012)

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  • Amber

    Hooray for the vlog! Alexandra really liked your review and laughed several times, though she thought there should have been more duck. Sounds like a great book, and was helpful even just hearing the review. And for the record, I only bathe my baby twice a week. :)

    • Aaron Armstrong

      I’m really glad she did this one—and that Alexandra approved (even without all the duck) :)

  • Jessalyn

    First of all, I am going to have to go back and see if there are more Parachute Vlog posts by Emily, because this was hilarious. Thank you for the review, it definitely sounds like a book that would be very encouraging to me as a mom of littles. 

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Hey Jessalyn—agreed, Emily’s vlogs are hilarious. She’s got a really great sense of timing. The only other one that’s Emily solo is this one (The Organized Heart), but if you scour around, you’re likely to find a few that we’ve done together.

      • EmilyStrongarm

         Thanks! It should be noted that I wear a goatee in our review of “The Greener Grass Conspiracy”

  • Erin

    Hey, Emily. Thanks for the fantastic review. For the record, I don’t bathe my kids every day (in fact I’m not sure I’ve bathed them this week!) But I am a momma who is trying hard to see past the little things to a God-sized picture of mothering. Glad you caught that vision.

    I’d like to send you to Starbucks on my dime for the glowing review. (What momma doesn’t need more Starbucks?) So…shoot me an email at with your shipping info and I’ll send a Starbucks gift card your way. Press on! Erin Davis 

    • EmilyStrongarm

       Aw shucks! That’s very kind of you. I’ll email you soon :)