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Thinking About Conferences

Tim Challies:

I like conferences and I believe in their value. Of course, like every other good thing in life, they demand moderation. I have met genuine conference groupies, people who follow conferences like Deadheads follow the Grateful Dead. I have met pastors whose churches allow them to attend five major conferences each year. I can’t imagine how that can be healthy or financially-sustainable! But a conference or two a year can offer times of learning, refreshment and relationship that can benefit any Christian, whether a layperson or a pastor.

For heaven’s sake, say what the Bible says

Steve Kryger:

This is ridiculous – it took an atheist to clarify what the Bible says about who goes to heaven.

The Gospel is Insufficient

Carl Trueman:

At a seminar I gave last week, I used the tried and true method when facing a crowd outside of my usual comfort zone. Three points nobody could disagree with, a fourth point that might have raised some eyebrows and a fifth that sounded downright heretical. Always good for waking up the back row at the end of a long lecture. The fifth was simply this: the gospel is not sufficient to ensure the continuation of the gospel.

When You Fail To Represent

Mark Altrogge:

A couple days ago I did a post on striving to represent Jesus well in the world.  But what do we do when we’ve failed to do that?

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