Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

Train Them to See Truth and Deception

HT: Tony Reinke

What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution?

Kevin DeYoung:

And what’s wrong with this approach? Why can’t we say Adam was a real person and the first person to know God, but not the only human on the planet? Aren’t we still in the realm of historic orthodoxy even if Adam evolved from other beings and may not have been the physical father of all living persons? I am raising these questions not to suggest a single blog post and a few quotations obliterates evolution. The point rather is to examine whether full-blown evolution can be reconciled with complete allegiance to biblical authority.

How Pastors’ Ponzis Affect Our Gospel Witness

CT Editorial:

In recent years, Ponzi frauds that prey on the naïve, innocent, and trusting have lost billions. The Madoff Ponzi’s price tag alone was $20 billion. In these schemes, the organizer offers a high return rate at low risk, but in reality he pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. Prosecutors have uncovered more financial fraud in church networks than they ever imagined.

What City Buys the Most E-Readers?

Rohin Dhar:

It turns out all of our preconceived notions about e-reader adoption was [sic] wrong. When you dig into the data about where Kindles are actually bought and sold, the most “cosmopolitan” cities in America are soundly beaten by mid-sized cities in the Midwest and South. Moreover, our data suggests that dedicated e-readers aren’t very popular devices anywhere. In the landscape of consumer electronics, e-readers barely register.

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