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T4G Debrief: Questions about Contextualization

Thabiti Anyabwile:

One of the panels at T4G focused on contextualization. If you like, you can listen to the panel here. It was one of the panels cut short due to time constraints. As a consequence, we didn’t have time to develop important conversations about basic definitions and about current applications like “insider movements” and so on.  So, I think many people (myself included) were left hoping more conversation could have happened.

When You Should Flee Your Church

Trevin Wax:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the response I’d received from my article in Tabletalk – “Not So Fast” – which basically encourages most people to stay with their congregation during a difficult church situation rather than flee. Based on the notes I’ve gotten, some have misunderstood my suggestion not to be hasty in leaving a church (hence the title “Not So Fast”) as a hard, fast rule against ever leaving a church, no matter what happens.

2012 Band of Bloggers Audio

The audio from this year’s Band of Bloggers is now available. Download or listen here:


Why the Kindle is a Really Bad Kisser

Aimee Byrd:

Kindle and I had our first date this morning. What a letdown! It was the kind of date where you feel compelled to kiss and tell.

Your instinct is wrong

Jeff Brooks:

The big myth they’re talking about here is that one-page fundraising messages are somehow better than longer ones. This is totally wrong; experience tells us that longer letters are better than short ones.

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