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Make That Digital Elephant Disappear!

Nathan W. Bingham:

There is an illusion—an act far more enchanting than having an elephant disappear before your eyes—that has spread far and wide across the world wide web. It’s an illusion that is captivating millions. The line of thinking goes something like this: if it’s online then it’s easy. If it’s digital then it’s inexpensive. If it’s composed of bits and bytes then it’s quick.

5 Words for Millennial Christians

Dan Darling:

lot has been written and said about the millennial generation in the church. . . . We are a generation characterized by action, by activism, by new resurgent interests in orthodoxy and theology. In many ways, it’s a great time for the church. But with every movement comes pitfalls and cautions. And so as a young leader, I just wanted to offer five words leaders in my generation may want to consider.

Why “Asking Jesus Into Your Heart” is Superstitious and Unbiblical

David Platt:

[tentblogger-youtube JPhEEzjU8xQ]

3 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

R.C. Sproul, Jr:

Pastors are human too. That means, of course, that they sin, but it also means that they have ordinary human needs. While no one joins the ministry in order to receive riches or accolades, honor or power, while shepherds are called to serve others rather than themselves, such doesn’t mean that they are not given to discouragement.

The Price of Earthen Vessels and the Value of Writing

Matthew Anderson:

As an author, I sometimes feel a tension between something like charity for my audience and a burning to simply say something that needs to be said, in the precise way I want to say it.  Such a burning isn’t necessarily rooted in a lack of concern for the audience.  Rather, there is a sense of disaffectedness, a detachment from the need to listen to the market’s opinions that selling a book necessarily introduces.

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  • david carlson

    Awana has been preaching Platt’s message for over 30 years.  indeed, nothing is new under the sun

  • david carlson

    Platt really does have that “quiver in the voice” down