Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

Seven Ways To Pray for Your Prayer Life

Tim Challies:

Here are seven ways that you can pray about your prayer life. These are seven items you can add to your prayer list as you consider your own prayer life or another person’s.

When Church Planters Want to Drink Sweet Tea from a Garbage Can

JD Payne:

Missionaries do strange things.

These Kingdom servants do not know the phrase, “we’ve never done it that way before.” To them, everything is new. They are entering into the fields. They are starting with nothing and moving toward something. They do not begin with structures and organizations; they begin by entering into the kingdom of darkness to bring out the captives into the Kingdom of light.

Are We Connecting?

John Johnson:

One of the indicators, to my kids for sure, that I have come perilously close to obsolescence is the fact I do not text, do not tweet, and rarely visit Facebook. My response to them, feeble as it may seem, is that everyone draws some boundaries around their accessibility. Landline, cell phone, mail, email, a personal visit—they all work for me. Occasional communication comes via Facebook and blog sites, but that is about it. In their eyes, I am disconnected. And maybe so, but there is something to the adage—if you are always available, you are not worth much when you are available. Being unavailable is often much more necessary than being available. But it is more…

The Value of Textbooks

HT: Trevin Wax

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