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Three Types of Christian Scholarship

C. Michael Patton:

While most of us will see ourselves more in one than the others (I find myself in 2), we need to be careful. Of course we need to recognize the dangers and listen to the critique of the others, but more than that, we need to be continually committed to finding balance. Our gifts and calling are going to clearly drive us to one more than the others so I am not saying neglect one to brush up on the others. But I am saying that if you neglect the others, it will make you less proficient in the one. I have seen sloppy theologians. I have been a sloppy theologian. I have seen exegetes who seem to continually miss the obvious. I have seen pastoral-types compromise. All I am saying is that you need to be aware of where you stand and committed to excellence by being appreciative of all three.

3 Ways to Crush Your Inner Control Freak

Nathan W. Bingham:

I’ve been thinking about what I observe to be man’s almost insatiable desire to control. How should Christians stand apart in this area from the world? As I reflected, I thought of 3 ways in which Christians can crush their “inner control freak.”

Cheap eBooks

The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith by Peter Hitchens (2.99 US/3.43 CAD)

For the City: Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel by Darrin Patrick & Matt Carter (2.99 US/3.43 CAD)

Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture by Brandon Hatmaker (2.99 US/3.43 CAD)

Education or Imitation? Bible Interpretation for Dummies Like You and Me by Curtis “Voice” Allen (99 cents!) – Also available in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats at

Hell: No Biblical Concept is More Grim or Terror-Inducing

R.C. Sproul:

Hell is trivialized when it is used as a common curse word. To use the word lightly may be a halfhearted human attempt to take the concept lightly or to treat it in an amusing way. We tend to joke about things most frightening to us in a futile effort to declaw and defang them, reducing their threatening power.

It’s a Strange Thing Being a Pastor

Julian Freeman:

Being a pastor is a strange thing.

We proclaim a message with the power of God to change people, but we can’t even change ourselves. We call others to perfection, as Jesus did, but our lives are full of imperfection. We must shepherd like the Shepherd though we’re just one of the sheep.

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