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The Most Boring Important Thinker You Should Read

John Starke:

Van Til transformed the discussions around epistemology and apologetics unlike anyone else in modern Christian history—being the main influence behind theologians, pastors, and apologists like John Frame, Tim Keller, David Powlison, Greg Bahnsen and the entire systematic and apologetics departments of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and California, headed by names like Michael Horton, Scott Oliphint, William Edgar, and David VanDrunen. Yet it’s not likely that most Christians—even thoughtful ones—could recognize his name, much less name a book he’s written.

Free Audiobook

Christian Audio’s free audiobook of the month is Resolving Everyday Conflict by Ken Sande.

The Dangers of Fundamentalism in Leadership

Jeremy Pace:

I have a confession: I am a fundamentalist at heart. I am a lover of truth, and I am a rule follower. Yet, when I read Christ’s rebuke of the church of Ephesus, my own heart and actions are exposed, as I see Jesus calling his people to be lovers of the one who is truth and of his people. The same rebuke given to the Ephesian church could many times be given to me.

6 Steps to Turning Sermon Transcripts into Books

Jared Wilson:

Today Justin Taylor highlighted a two year-old post from Phil Johnson, in which Johnson responds to a question about the process of turning a preacher’s sermons into a polished book manuscript. Justin called Phil’s post a “reality check,” and it is. There is good, hard advice there to anyone interested in what it might take to do this sort of editorial work. But as one of the commenters in that old post pointed out, Phil didn’t exactly answer the question: How does it work? So I’ll be your huckleberry.

Why Am I Not Enough For Him?

Sherry Allchin

“Why am I not enough for him?” This is a question that I’ve heard from every wife I’ve counseled whose husband is involved with pornography. Some of these wives knew about the porn before marriage, but naively believed that they could change their husbands. It’s common for a struggling couple to believe that their love for one another will help the porn addict overcome his temptations as he is ravished in his wife’s love. But then it happens… she discovers the website he’s been viewing and she is devastated!

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