My End in Preaching

Blessed Spirit of God,

My end in preaching is to know Christ, and impart his truth.

My principle in preaching is Christ himself, whom I trust.

For in him is fullness of spirit and strength; my comfort in preaching is to do all for him.

Help me in my work to grow more humble, to pick something out of all providences to that end,
to joy in thee and loathe myself, to keep my life, being, soul, and body only for thee,
to carry my heart to thee in love and delight, to see all my grace in thee, coming from thee,
to walk with thee in endearment.

Then, whether I succeed or fail, nought matters but thee alone.

Adapted from “A Minister’s Evils,” Puritan Prayers & Devotions (Kindle Edition)

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  • Steve Martin

    Faith comes by hearing (the Word of God)…and how can they hear if they don’t have a preacher?

    So…keep throwin’ it out there!