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Forgive Us Our Student Debts

Collin Hansen:

So you want to go to college. Good decision! There’s a good chance followers of Jesus played a key role in starting your school, even if you don’t attend a Christian college. These heroes showed us how to glorify God by exercising his gift of thinking. Following in their steps, you will be one of the relatively few around the world with the intellectual and financial means to attend college. You have been given this rare gift so you can bless others, not merely enrich yourself. That perspective will help you study harder even as you look for ways to serve the community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ during these life-changing years.

Averagé – America’s Most Popular Clothing Line

Tripp & Tyler:

[tentblogger-youtube MsgR7uUxyhQ]

Leave it to The Imagination

Barnabas Piper:

One of the values of the written word is that, when done well, it leaves much up to the imagination. It creates a framework for a character or story or event which the imagination then fills with detail, both good and evil. Even the descriptions in the best literature allow for maximized imagination; they lead the brushes of the mind to paint a picture with whatever color palette and skill the mind has available.

Honour the Vanilla Men

Carl Trueman:

One of the striking things about modern society is the lack of respect it shows for hierarchies and institutions.  I do not see this, as some appear to do, as a unique contribution of this age.  For all the trumpeting of the disillusion of contemporary youth with institutions, today’s young people on the whole seem merely more indifferent and less active in their disillusion than the generation which protested Vietnam.  Yet it does raise a cultural challenge for the church.

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