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How to Win the Public on Homosexuality

Collin Hansen:

…there’s another reason much of the country has shrugged off no-news headlines about the culmination of President Obama’s “evolution”: 50 percent of Americans now agree with him. In the last 16 years, support for same-sex marriage has nearly doubled. Gallup shows an increase in support from just 27 percent in 1996 to a high of 53 percent in 2011 and now 50 percent in 2012. Since 1996, Christians have debated homosexuality almost non-stop, and several Protestant denominations have reached the same conclusion as Obama.

Sins, Failures, Regrets And A Sovereign God

Mark Altrogge:

Ever done something without praying or seeking counsel only to have it backfire on you?  And now years later you continue to pay the price.  Or worse yet, maybe others now suffer because of your sins or failures.  Your children or spouse.  It’s so easy to be filled with regret when you think about it.

Love your enemies

Ray Ortlund:

But love your enemies.  If we stand up for what’s right, we will have enemies.  They feel justified in their hostility.  But Jesus says, love them anyway.  Hostile people expect hostility in return.  Jesus says, surprise them.

10 Attributes of a Humble Leader

Ron Edmonson:

Humility is a desired, but often neglected characteristic of good, servant leadership. The more we promote ourselves online, the more I’m afraid humility is being forgotten. As one who has an online presence, I consistently sense God reminding me that I’ve been on the bottom and I can return there.

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