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Seven Marks of a Good Theologian

C. Michael Patton:

Are you willing to change your position? What if the evidence was not on your side? Are you lead purely by your emotional convictions? If you cannot change, what gives you the right to require it of others. Theologians will always be adapting because they know don’t have it all figured out.

Michael Horton, Gender Stereotypes, and Me

Douglas Wilson:

There are certain creational differences between the sexes, which God intended to be operative from the begining of the world to the end of it. Women bearing and nurturing children would be something in that category. Men protecting and providing for their families would be another one. But these creational differences have a deep need to find, discover, and apply a wider vocabulary. They want to express themselves further. That is why there are other differences that do not fall into this category of creational difference, but which are roles assigned to the two sexes by societal expectation. And (cue the zombie) it is facilely assumed in discussions like this one that if it is not a creational given, scripturally assigned, with black ink on white paper, we need not pay any attention to it. It is only “a gender stereotype,” and what a relief to us all!

Is Learning Greek and Hebrew Really Worth It?

Marc Cortez:

For many, learning a new language is an exhausting, frustrating, and spirit-killing endeavor, one that has been scientifically proven to cause premature hair loss, marital discord, excess book throwing, and, in small rodents, cancer. So it should come as no surprise that many wonder if it’s really worth it. Should I really invest that much time and that many brain cells in learning these languages? Isn’t that why we have translations in the first place?

Goodbye to Traditional Publishing?

Steve Laube:

If you wish to wave goodbye to traditional publisher and go Indie (independent) I believe the first question to ask is whether or not you want to start a small business. Just like an entrepreneur.  Those authors who are entrepreneurs are ideally suited for the self-publishing route. The understand the energy it takes and pitfalls ahead.

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