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Why Backyards Matter

Julian Freeman:

If you are a pastor — or just a mature man in the church who desires to mentor younger Christian men — let me admonish you: Let men into the backyard of your life. It will be good for you and it will bless them immeasurably. Resist the urge to keep guys in the ‘front yard.’ Let them see how you wrestle through the unfinished business of your spiritual life and they will grow.

Some Thoughts on Ministering to Youth


I have been reflecting somewhat on the issues involved in ministering to youth, and the following are mostly random thoughts arising from my own experience of growing up in the church and in teaching Junior High Bible classes for the past three years.

$5 Friday at Ligonier

This week’s selections include Defending Your Faith by R.C. Sproul (eBook) and Dr. Sproul’s excellent Christian Worldview teaching series (audio & video download). Sale ends at midnight (Eastern Time). Also, you can save 30% storewide through June 10th using coupon code FATHERS30.

Pray for Kaitlyn

Ed Stetzer’s daughter, Kaitlyn, has been dealing with a very serious illness for the last several days. Ed’s been keeping everyone up-to-date via his blog. Keep an eye out throughout the day for updates on how you can pray for Kaitlyn and the Stetzer family.

10 Writing Tips from a Real-Life Editor

Nathan Bingham:

Blog posts containing tips are a dime a dozen, but every now and then you come across some real gold—tips offered by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. This is one such occasion.

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