Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

Evangelize, not Indoctrinate

Barnabas Piper:

Why is it we do not often evangelize our children with the same grace, patience, interaction, and mutual respect we do our neighbors? We correct our children’s ideas about God or morality with a “no, that’s not right” method rather than an “I believe _____ because _____.” method. But what if our children don’t agree? They are under our authority and either afraid of or tired of the “no, that’s not right” response so they keep their thoughts and disbelief to themselves until the day comes they no longer have to listen to us. Then they go about believing and acting upon whatever it is they feel like.

Dan Wallace on the New Manuscript Finds

[tentblogger-youtube 5DpWsgDMmaI]

The Biggest Issue Planters Face

Darryl Dash:

I’m convinced that the biggest issue that church planters face is an internal one. It’s our tendency to depend on ourselves rather than on God. This results in tremendous stress in the church planter’s life and ministry.

How to Backslide in 9 Easy Steps

Tim Challies:

A few days ago I shared John Bunyan’s wisdom on why some who profess faith in Christeventually backslide. Today I want to follow him a little bit farther. Having covered the why, I’ve now drawn from Pilgrim’s Progress instruction on the how. In each case I’ve given my short summary followed by Bunyan’s own words. Here is how to backslide in nine easy steps.

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