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Urgent Ministry Opportunity for Crossway

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I really enjoy the resources being published by Crossway Books. But you may not know that they’re a not-for-profit ministry that relies in part on gifts from individuals like us to accomplish major ministry projects worldwide. And they’ve just been presented with a wonderful opportunity to help spread the good news of the gospel:

Generous donors have offered an all-or-nothing matching grant IF we are able to raise $270,000 by May 31st—just days from now. This grant could not have come at a better time. In God’s kindness, we currently have unprecedented opportunities for creating, translating, and delivering ESV Bible resources for Christians in great need—especially in China, India, and multiple countries in Africa.

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 Deep Roots Library

Deep Roots Library exists to serve the Church by  making writings from Christian history accessible, readable, affordable, and searchable. We believe that there is great value in fellowship among believers, even if they are centuries removed from where we are today.

Technology has made it possible for the first time ever to have immediate access to thousands of books, devotionals, commentaries, and sermons, Deep Roots Library exists to make sure that this opportunity isn’t wasted, that believers around the world can access solid Biblical teaching, all for free.

Competitive Mothering

Tim Challies:

We are quite the competitive bunch, we humans, and really, given the opportunity, there isn’t much that we won’t or can’t turn into some kind of a competition. I don’t know if this is innate in our humanity or something bequeathed to us in the Fall into sin, but what is certain is its certainty—we just plain love to compete with one another. Or maybe it’s better to say that we hate to compete, but we do it anyway.


Matt Svoboda:

Conversion is a very important topic… Especially where we live, the Bible Belt. In the Bible Belt we seem to think thatconversion=any interest in Jesus. This is not biblical at all and that type of mindset has done a lot of damage in our culture. A bad understanding of conversion leads to a lot of people having a false assurance of salvation. In our culture any time someone has any type of emotional response to something Godward we assume they got saved.

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  • Matt Svoboda

    Thanks for the link love Aaron. I don think I have ever been included in the same blog post with Crossway and Challies before. :)