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Date Your Wife

Check out the trailer for Justin Buzzard’s new book, Date Your Wife, and then pre-order it (it’s dirt cheap right now at Amazon!):

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4 Ways to Fight Clean Over Doctrine

Dustin Neeley:

It’s the fall semester of the new year at the local Bible college.

Tim and Ted are brand-new, computer-selected, freshman roommates in the guys’ dorm. Tim became a Calvinist about six months ago. He reads Reformed books, listens to Reformed podcasts, talks incessantly about Reformed theology, and just got a “Soli Deo Gloria” tattoo.

Ted is his roommate. He is not Reformed. In fact, he actually doesn’t like Reformed people or their theology. He listens to Southern Gospel music on tape and opposes tattoos of any kind.

It’s going to be a long semester.

Someone is Wrong on the Internet

R.C. Sproul, Jr:

It takes two to tango, and that doesn’t even include the band. Our choices, our behaviors, are rarely as discreet as we think they are. Not only do our decisions bleed into our other decisions, they touch on other people’s lives, more often than not. No man is an island; neither is any man a peninsula.

Normal Sermon Prep? Really?

David Murray:

In Sermon Prep: A Week in One Life, Stephen Um describes his normal process of preparing a sermon. Although there’s some helpful stuff in here, especially his last four points, and although he says “every pastor’s week looks a little different,” I think a lot of pastors will find it a quite amusing – and perhaps a little disturbing too.

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