Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

Is the “Sandwich Method” a Load of Baloney?

David Murray:

In Practicing Affirmation, Sam describes the manager who used the sandwich method so much, that employees began to dread hearing any praise because they knew what he was about to fill the sandwich with. Although he boasted about his method, his employees eventually called it “the baloney sandwich!”

How to Leave Your Old Church

Kevin DeYoung:

Yesterday we looked at how to begin at your new church. But sometimes the harder move is leaving your old church. I don’t want to give advice on when to leave a church. Let’s assume the reasons make sense and now the question is how to leave. What should you do?

The real reason Kony 2012 fizzled — and why it matters

Jeff Brooks:

After the viral explosion of Kony 2012, the “Cover the Night” event that followed was a little disappointing, and widely labeled as a “fizzle.” (See coverage of that here and here.)

I’m guessing the “fizzled” Kony events amounted to more activity than most nonprofits will ever manage to field. But it’s true they seem a disappointment in comparison to the video that preceded them.

There have been lot of hypotheses floated for the fizzle, except for the one I think is the true cause: the brains of young people.

Are You Righteous?

Tullian Tchividjian:

Ethical behaviorism is a term Psychologists use which defines righteousness exclusively in terms of what a person does or does not do. In this sense, a righteous person is one who does the right things and avoids the wrong things. An unrighteous person is one who does the wrong things and avoids the right things. Defined this way, righteousness is a quality that can be judged by an observation of someone’s behavior. Virtue and uprightness is purely a matter of outer conduct without any hint of what goes on inside you.

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  • Steve Martin

    I enjoyed that link to Pastor Tullian’s site. Thanks.

    I try never to miss an opportunity to proclaim to people that they have been ‘declared righteous’, for Jesus’ sake.

    That’s the gospel.