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The Day I Accused My Wife of Infidelity

Michael Patton:

I accused my wife of infidelity last year. No, there was no evidence. No, there was no change in our relationship. No, it is not characteristic of her in the slightest. However, I had my reasons . . . Getting ahead of myself.

15 questions for pastors to ask themselves

Steven Kryger:

“I’m not the king. I’m only an ambassador for the King”. A great reminder from Paul Tripp at the Dangerous Calling conference I recently attended.

Paul has a wonderful gift for speaking to pastors and the specifics of pastoral ministry. If you’re a pastor, ask yourself these questions from Paul Tripp*. If you’re not a pastor – send this to yours!

Satisfied In You

My wife and I really enjoy The Sing Team—this adaptation of Psalm 42 is terrific:

[tentblogger-youtube A7O7LQpQaoc]

The scoffer

Ray Ortlund:

Not every opinion deserves a place at the table.  It is the responsibility of a church’s elders to monitor the conversation going on in their church and encourage the positive and confront the negative.

Sadly, some people just don’t listen.

Southern Baptists and Salvation: It’s Time to Talk

Albert Mohler:

A recent statement on the doctrine of salvation has received a good bit of attention in recent days. Since it deals with matters of current controversy, it has generated some heat. Our current task as Southern Baptists is to engage in a theological conversation that will transform heat into light. This is the very least we owe each other as brothers and sisters who are committed to the Great Commission, to the Southern Baptist Convention, and to each other.

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