Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

The One Minute Gospel: Helpful Tool or Tragic Mistake

Marc Cortez:

Almost every evangelism training I’ve ever been through has emphasized the importance of being able to share the gospel in one minute or less. The assumption seems to be that this is something every mature Christian should be able to do. And, to be honest, I agree. But with some significant reservations. From the right perspective, the One Minute Gospel can be very helpful. But far too often the One Minute Gospel leads us into a number of critical errors.

Searching for Our Maker in Prometheus

Barry Cooper:

Given the enormous expectation surrounding Prometheus, and since trailers have already given far too much away, I’ll try and keep this review free of major spoilers. However, if you want to go in “clean,” you shouldn’t read any further.

Why Study Church History? Reason #5 – Studying church history will capture the interest of outsiders

Michael Svigel:

Several years ago, a childhood friend of mine contacted me with some questions about the history of the early church. He had read some non-Christian fiction as well as seen programs that presented a distorted view of early Christianity. He knew I had spent over a decade and a half studying church history, so he had direct access to somebody who could help him think through his questions. Sadly, too many outsiders with a genuine interest in the history of the church have no place to turn but the internet, which is a treacherous ocean of ignorance obscuring a handful of sunken treasures of truth.

Buy a Book, Help Africa

Nate Palmer:

You can help Hands At Work In Africa‘s  work of spreading the Gospel in Africa by simply buying Servanthood as Worship.  All the royalties I get from Servanthood as Worship are first matched by Christ Church of San Francisco  and then sent to  Hands At Work In Africa   – a charitable organization which (through relationships with the local Churches in Africa)  challenges, encourages, develops and supports the ministry of servanthood among those in need in their community .

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  • Steve Martin

    There’s no time limit when sharing the gospel. Whatever time it takes, is what it takes.

    Since it is not our Word, but His, what ‘we do’ does not matter so much as long as we are faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins. (Romans 1:16)

    Thank you.