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The Offense of Selfless Love

Chris Castaldo:

…discomfort about Ian and Larissa may reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of Christian marriage. The Bible portrays marriage—especially when entered into by believers—not as a contractual agreement between two parties, but as a covenant relationship before God. Ian and Larissa Murphy know this.

Theological Primer: The Attributes of Scripture

Kevin DeYoung:

Historically, Protestant theologians have highlighted four defining attributes of Scripture:necessity, sufficiency, clarity, and authority. Each of these attributes is meant to protect the truth about the Bible and safeguard against common errors.

Wrestling with an Angel…in Russian?

We have been given a HUGE opportunity to provide one of the simplest and best resources to a family impacted by disability. Working with INLUMINE MEDIA here in Ukraine we are undertaking a Russian translation of WRESTLING WITH AN ANGEL that will provide us with 1,000 copies to give away to people here in Ukraine.

You can donate at

Recommended Reading: The Summer Reading List for 2012

Albert Mohler:

Some of our most important reading takes place when reading those books that most deeply interest us, regardless of subject area. One of the happiest experiences in reading is discovering an entire area of knowledge or subject matter that never seemed to be interesting before. Here are a few very choice non-fiction titles for summer reading. Enjoy the list, and share your own.

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