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Why do modern liberals want to stay within the evangelical movement?

Adrian Warnock, from his interview in the article, “What is the Gospel Coalition? on“:

There’s always been liberalism. What’s different about it now is it seems more reluctant to use the label. When I grew up in Christianity I spoke to people who would clearly say ‘I’m a liberal’. Evangelicals were seen as a pesky minority. That’s changed and there’s a trend to a more evangelical faith. The evangelical movement is where the money is, the power is and the growth is in the UK. People who have a more liberal approach are wanting to stay within the evangelical movement rather than critique it from the outside.

The Dirty Little Secret of Endorsements

Tim Challies:

But here’s a dirty little secret of publishing. When you look at the back cover of a book and see a list of commendations, it is possible—likely even—that the majority of those people have not read the book or have not read it carefully. There are some people who will only endorse books for which they have carefully read every word, but more commonly, people merely skim a book before writing their blurb; others do it sight unseen and still others have assistants do it.

Why I Am Discouraged / Encouraged by Slow Growth

Julian Freeman:

This morning I was thinking about the sin that remains in me and how stubborn it is. I was frustrated that I’m not more holy already and discouraged by the pace of my growth in holiness.

As I contemplated the gospel and how it relates to my pace of growth in holiness I was first discouraged and then encouraged. Here’s what I mean.

5 Leadership Lessons I Learned from a Torn Quad

Ben Reed:

Recently while working out at CrossFit, I ripped my quad. It hurt about as much as you’d expect ripping a quadriceps muscle would hurt. Unless, of course, you thought it wouldn’t hurt at all. In which case…it hurt much more than that. . . . It’s taken me a week to get back to the gym. I’m not nearly at 100%…just close enough to fake my way around.

In the process, I learned a lot about life and leadership.

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  • Ben Reed

    Thanks for the link love, Aaron. I love reading through these “Links I Like” when you put them out…really appreciated seeing mine on there this time.

    Blessings to you, bro!

    • Aaron Armstrong

      Glad to include the post, Ben. How’s the quad doing? 

      Looking forward to getting together the next time I’m in the Nashville area.

      • Ben Reed

        I finished my first workout in 2 weeks last night…and didn’t die. :)

        Yes, I’d love to sit down and catch up again, soon. Got anything on the horizon?

        • Aaron Armstrong

          Nothing official, just starting to make some plans for sometime in the next year (and hopefully bring my wife along as well :))