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Polygamy in the Bible: A sordid tale

Lionel Windsor:

Something similar happens when it comes to the Bible and polygamy. Sure, the narrators never pause to say, “Oh by the way, please, don’t be a polygamist.” But why should they? The stories make the point all by themselves. As Peter Jensen–one of the interviewees in the TV segment I linked to above–pointed out, stories about polygamy in the Bible, time after time, result in disaster.

The One Indispensable Rule for Using Social Media

Kevin DeYoung:

Whether you are a tween, a teen, a pastor, a politician, a grandma, or a grad student, whether you blog, tweet, post, or pin, here is the one indispensable social media rule you must follow if you want to be wise, edifying, and save yourself a lot of anguish:

Assume that everyone, everywhere will read what you write and see what you post.

5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Apologize

Dan Darling:

For some reason, the hardest two words for a leader to say are often, “I’m sorry.” This is especially difficult for young leaders. Especially young pastors. But here’s the thing, an apology may be your best leadership tool. This I know, because as a young, green, inexperienced pastor, I’ve had to do my share of apologizing.

So here are five reasons why pastors should have a quick trigger with their “I’m sorry.”

The Story Isn’t Finished Yet

Mark Altrogge:

I was filling my tank a couple weeks ago, and the gas station attendant, an elder in another church in town, came out and we struck up a conversation.

He asked me about a particular situation I’ve mentioned in the past – a situation that can discourage me.

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