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Should Every Pastor be a Counselor?

Bob Kellemen:

Should every pastor be a counselor? No. Does that answer surprise you, especially coming from me? What should every pastor be? An equipper.

The Page that Changed My Life

Tony Reinke on Octavius Winslow’s The Precious Things of God:

From start to finish, the book is soaked with profound points because it is a book devoted to all the things that God finds precious. Think of it as something of a precursor to Piper’sThe Pleasures of God.

Of all the pages in that book, I was hit hardest by this paragraph spread out on pages 66-67. Here’s what I read…

10 Bets You’ll Never Lose

[tentblogger-youtube oaR3TJjNUE8]

The Gospel According to “Prometheus”

Thabiti Anyabwile:

I think the movie makes sharing the Good News easy because of the question it asks.  Prometheus doesn’t simply ask, “Is there a God?” or “Where do we come from?”, the movie pushes further and dares us to ask, “What if you meet your Maker and he’s angry with you?”

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