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The Message of the Bible in 221 Words

D.A. Carson:

God is the sovereign, transcendent and personal God who has made the universe, including us, his image-bearers. Our misery lies in our rebellion, our alienation from God, which, despite his forbearance, attracts his implacable wrath…

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Inerrancy & Worldview: Free

If you’ve not already got a copy, you can get Vern Polythress’ new book, Inerrancy & Worldview, as a free PDF download at the author’s website. (Be sure to read the terms of use so you don’t get yourself into trouble.)

Introducing eBook Licenses from Cruciform Press

Church and ministry leaders looking to encourage reading within their teams will love this new product from Cruciform Press:

Our Ebook Distribution Licenses allow you to give away Cruciform Press ebooks inexpensively—not to mention legally and with a good consience. This service is intended primarily for church and ministry leaders, but anyone is welcome to participate. You purchase a license for one specific book title. We then send you an email with three download links, one link for each of the three dominant ebook formats. Ebooks may be downloaded from these links one at a time. Each download only takes a few seconds.

Simple Stories are Simply Good

Barnabas Piper:

I enjoy these kinds of stories [complicated fiction] quite a lot, but recently I have been rediscovering the joys of what I’ll call “simple fiction” as I’ve read a couple of Trenton lee Stewarts Mysterious Benedict Society novels and poked back through the Harry Potter books. Much of what I call “simple” is children’s literature, but any good story for a child is a good story for someone who used to be a child. I have found these simple stories to be refreshing for a handful of reasons.

The Bible’s Story in 3 Minutes

The Gospel Project:

[tentblogger-youtube A4WL0w3it0s]

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