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What About All Those Things We Should Do But Fail To Do?

Mark Altrogge:

Christ died for all our sins.  Every single wicked thing we’ve done.

Every command we’ve broken – every violation.  Every sinful thought, word and deed we’ve done – every “sin of commission.”

But he died for even more than these.

If Christ is True, Boredom is a Sin

Jared C. Wilson:

Boredom is a sin so long as Christ is infinitely beautiful. Even the angels, for whom the gospel is that strange mystery purposed not for themselves, long to look into the deep, fascinating well of its revelation (1 Pet. 1:12). Because the good news proclaims the unsearchable riches of Christ, who opens the window looking out on the eternal mystery of the Trinity, it is endlessly absorbing, dazzlingly multifaceted. When we are bored, it can only be because we have stopped looking at Jesus. He can’t be boring. If we find him boring, it’s because we are boring. The deficiency is ours, not his.

The Saturday Morning Syrup Monster

Marc Cortez:

After Adam and Eve fell, sin spread rapidly throughout the world. By the time we get to Genesis 6, it’s everywhere. But why? So Adam and Eve made a stupid decision. The rest of us didn’t have anything to do with it. We weren’t even there. How could that one decision possibly have had such a devastating effect on the world? It just doesn’t make sense.

Is Most of Reformed Deformed?

Colin Hansen:

I don’t know what has incited the latest incriminations against Calvinists. We’re mostly hearing rehashed arguments already thoroughly refuted. Calvinism isn’t the “traditional Southern Baptist” view on soteriology. Calvinists are angry bloggers living in our parents’ basements who box up God and don’t evangelize. Even some prominent Calvinists argue the latter, so we’re certainly not surprised by such criticism. Yet it’s still a little surprising to learn we’re intellectual snobs killing the church by building wells, preaching a social gospel, and preying upon young believers around the world by fostering skinny-jeans laziness because we don’t care about people going to hell. Responding to such ugliness with more ugliness would only please Satan and embolden our critics.

I wonder, though, if these recent attacks reflect an underlying insecurity about our standing as Christians in the world, especially in America…

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