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20 Quotes from Killing Calvinism

Tony Reinke shares 20 quotes that caught his attention while reading Greg Dutcher’s new book Killing Calvinism: How to Destroy a Perfectly Good Theology from the Inside. Here’s one of Tony’s favorites:

“Jesus is not impressed with our Calvin, Edwards, or Machen when we cannot grow into people of kindness and self-control. It is simply time to grow up. We need to stop killing our Calvinism.” (30)

Introducing Wayfarer

Recently, Dan Koch, from the Seattle band Wayfarer, got in touch to introduce me to their music, which is a great blend of indie/folk/alternative sounds (more on that in a bit). In advance of their debut EP, the band has released a new single, “Alas and Did My Saviour Bleed,” a reimagining of an old Sacred Harp song. Download the song on Noisetrade.

Here’s a video from the band explaining the project and their sound:

[tentblogger-youtube eT7qnkz2kYg]

$5 Friday at Ligonier

This week’s selections includes Dr. Sproul’s Developing Christian Character, and Willing to Believe teaching series (download), among many other items. Sale ends at midnight (Eastern Time).

A Call to Remember

Kevin DeYoung:

No doubt, the church in the West has many new things to learn.  But for the most part, everything we need to learn is what we’ve already forgotten.  The chief theological task now facing the Western church is not to reinvent or to be relevant, but to remember.  We must remember the old, old story.  We must remember the faith once delivered to the saints.  We must remember the truths that spark reformation, revival, and regeneration.

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