Links I Like (Weekend Edition)

How to Write a Horrendous Blog Post

Chris Vacher:

It’s pretty easy to find lots of tutorials and tips on how to write the greatest blog post ever – so much information is available on writing great blog posts but it’s pretty hard to find information on how to write horrendous, awful, terrible blog posts. Until now!

June 26th

Amber Van Schooneveld:

I will never forget June 26th. It was the day 1 year ago that I got appendicitis while 6 months pregnant in a foreign country. It was the scariest day of my life. Then yesterday on June 26th, 2012, I had the second scariest day of my life.

Women, Callings, and Having It All

Jennifer A. Marshall:

Today’s young Christian woman gets lots of competing cues about what she should do with her life. Some signals say she should develop her marketable talents, seize professional opportunities, and strive for career satisfaction. Other messages suggest her highest priority is to marry and have children. Confronted by these rival perspectives, a young woman may feel not only personally conflicted but also pushed like a pawn in an old cultural chess game about whether women’s worth should be measured by Betty Crocker or Betty Friedan.

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